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Sculpture, as a means of suggestion, presents to us alternative experiences of space and time. The spatial considerations of sculpture immediately and automatically define a physical world for us. However, within the context of a gallery space, everyone’s temporal understanding is susceptible to manipulation. Durational experiences cause one’s perception of time to fluctuate. Assuming the claim that time is the lowest common denominator of all waking life, this fluctuation consequently causes a wrinkle in the viewer’s interpretation of reality.


Throughout human cultural evolution, many developments have profoundly shifted our relationship to time. Agriculture, industry, and digital technology are all enterprises that have molded our temporal perception.  As society continues to accelerate toward a more industrial and structured world governed by technology, we implicitly succumb to the idea that time is a commodity and a currency.  This leaves us with the notion of an unnaturally fast-paced temporal experience, which brings costly effects on our psyche, emotional stability, and physically aging body.  


Through my work I aim to create a phenomenological based situation in which the time duration of the exhibited occurrence becomes an experience rather than a measured interval.  With an array of materials, I utilize both natural and synthetic processes to give my work a lifespan beyond the instantaneous viewing.  By virtue of one’s own sensual impulses, I encourage the viewer to experience the present, develop a past, consider the future, and realize their place within the continuum of the work.  

AW Collection


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