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Intertemporal Choice

Intertemporal Choice


steel, 35mm film, thumbprints, time

Toronto, Canada

A system of rusty industrial boxes convey a long strip of unexposed 35mm film. Once triggered by a motion sensor, the work turns on and the film strip passes through a station where the viewer chooses whether or not to press her/his thumbprint on the moving film. It then travels extremely slow through a series of boxes where the image is ultimately projected on the on the gallery wall. The film continues to loop.

-Here the viewer is given a dilemma- do i participate or not. how long will it take? what else could i be doing? is it worth it? This is the intertemporal choice that we face when calculating any investment or decision that we are faced with when time is concerned. In this case, the viewers who participate must wait as the slow-moving film progresses toward their big moment. Building anticipation and patience.

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